Basic operations on the TI-84 Plus

Trigonometric functions

  • Trigonometric function keys sin, cos, tan
  • Inverse trig function
    • Arcsine [2nd] [sin^-1]
    • Arccosine [2nd] [cos^-1]
    • Arctangent [2nd] [tan^-1]
  • Notice that angle mode (radian or degree) affects the value of the trigonometric function (picture)
  • Trigonometric functions do not work for complex numbers


Power [ ^ ], square [x^2], square root []

  • value [ ^ ] power
  • value^2
  • √(value)



  • Inverse function [x^-1] corresponds to the reciprocal 1/x
  • value^-1




  • Exponential e
    • Accessed through [2nd][e^x]
    • e^(power) raises e to a given power
  • Constant e
    • Accessed through [2nd][e]






– (negation (-) returns the negative of a value




Notice that negation (-) is different than the subtraction sign (–) picture


Notice the use of parentheses in negation picture




Log(, ln(, 10^(


  • Log( (logarithm [LOG])
  • Ln ( (natural log [LN])
  • 10^( (power of 10 [2nd][10^x]










  • Pi is accessed through [2nd][pi]




MATH menu


To display the MATH menu press [MATH]. [MATH] opens four submenus, math (MATH), numbers (NUM), complex (CPX) and probability (PRB).




MATH operations


Frac : displays the answer as a fraction pic


Dec : displays the answer as a fraction pic


3 : calculates cube


3√ : calculates cube root


x√ : calculates xth root


FMin( : finds minimum of function


FMax( : finds maximum of function


NDeriv( : computes numerical derivative


FnInt( : computes the function integral


Summation :


LogBASE( :


Solver : displays the equation solver


Equation solver lets you solve for any variable in an equation and is valid for only real numbers. Make sure the equation is equal to zero as the calculator has to assume so.


In the solver menu insert an equation to eqn:0=

Enter values of known variables and edit values for upper and lower bounds. Default is bound =(-1E99,1E99)

Move cursor to the variable you want to solve and press [ALPHA][SOLVE]





MATH NUM (number) operations pics


Abs( : absolute value


Round( : round


IPart( : integer part


FPart( : fractional part


Int( : greatest integer


Min( : minimum value


Max( : maximum value


Lcm : least common multiple


Gcd : greatest common denominator
Entering and using complex numbers



Note that complex identities are always true in radian mode



Math CPX menu



Math PRB menu